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NTarheel Monitoring, The Leader In GPS Electronic Monitoring 
 Comprehensive Electronic Monitoring Solutions for Offender Accountability

Tarheel Monitoring specializes in design and management of offender Electronic Monitoring programs utilizing GPS Electronic Monitoring and SCRAMx devices to meet budgetary requirements. With over 75 combined years of experience in the GPS Electronic Monitoring field, we have helped to establish policies, procedures and laws in today’s industry.

Tarheel Monitoring’s experience allows us the ability to provide a complete and comprehensive GPS Electronic Monitoring Solution and/or Alcohol Monitoring program. It’s this ability that sets us apart from other GPS and Alcohol Monitoring companies who simply provide equipment. 

Since 2007, Tarheel Monitoring has provided GPS Electronic Monitoring and supervision services to government and private agencies including; sheriffs' offices, probation departments, juvenile/family courts, federal bureau of prisons and bail agents in the United States from coast to coast and in South America. 

Tarheel Monitoring utilizes the industries best Electronic monitoring  and Alcohol Electronic Monitoring equipment combined with a strong understanding of its capabilities and limitations to design safe, efficient and effective monitoring programs. In addition, we provide constant support through staff training, continued education, 24/7 technical support, customized program forms and rules/regulations established with years of experience. While other providers look to diversify their market, Tarheel Monitoring has chosen to focus solely on Offender Management Programs.

Tarheel Monitoring has teamed up with Satellite Tracking of People LLC (STOP) and Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) to provide the best possible equipment and insure that our customers are always utilizing the newest technology.


Electronic Monitoring Device

Benefits Of GPS Electronic Monitoring

"GPS Electronic Monitoring offers an inexpensive solution to overcrowded jails."

Never - Removed GPS Electronic   Monitoring Device Equates To a Higher Level Of Offender Accountability.

Convenient and Mobile Recharging.

Fewer damaged or lost units.
GPS locatable by satellites/RF locatable with mobile monitoring unit.

Internet based electronic monitoring
tracking application receives and stores 
all monitoring data and offender information.
GPS Electronic Monitoring unit used in conjunction with cellular based services has dual redundancy. 

Easily Managed Inventory.

GPS Electronic Monitoring Applications 

Sex Offender Monitoring

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics,  over 7 million people in the United States were on probation, parole, or incarcerated in 2005. That is 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents. This number is projected to increase an average of 3.3% annually.

Local, county, and federal agencies are under heightened stress brought about by an increasing jail population.

GPS Electronic Monitoring of offenders provides a useful alternative to the high costs of incarceration.

Pretrial Supervision and Monitoring

Probation and Parole Monitoring

Juvenal Monitoring

Work Release / Trustee Monitoring

GPS Electronic Monitoring equipment
Customized Programs 
Our experienced staff works with agencies not only to provide training on equipment but more importantly  to provide insight and knowledge on proven policies and procedures required to implement a successful GPS Electronic Monitoring program. 

We understand that there is no "one size fits all" program and we strive to assist all governmental agencies with units from 10 to over 1,000. Tarheel Monitoring offers hands on field experience in setting up and operating full service Electronic Monitoring programs. Experience counts,  we offer first hand ability to work with offenders and field officers. 

GPS Electronic Monitoring Solutions

Alcohol Monitoring System


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Alcohol Breath Testing

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing

SCRAM House Arrest Monitoring

House Arrest Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring Systems

BLUtag Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System

Monitoring Services

GPS Monitoring Systems
Dual RP/GPS Equipment

GPS Monitoring Services
Secure, Web - based Software

Radio Frequency equipment GPS Monitoring
BLUband / BLUhome
Radio Frequency equipment

Solutions Center
24/7/365 Technical support

Stalker Alert Notification Device
Stalker Alert
Notification Device For Victims & Officials

Solutions Center
24/7/365 Technical support

  • “My initial thought of SCRAM was that it was too costly. I soon realized I was spending well over the daily rate when I was drinking. I recommend wearing the SCRAM device to anyone trying to live a sober life”

  • “Ray and the staff at Tarheel Monitoring worked with me through the entire experience of wearing the SCRAM bracelet. This was a great program that helped me understand how much affect alcohol truly had over my life”

  • “The SCRAM bracelet is the only program that allowed me to learn how to deal with day to day life without alcohol. Others programs simply removed the day to day influences that caused me to drink. SCRAM forced me to deal with those influences without using alcohol and eventually gave me the confidence to know I could.”

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