Electronic Monitoring Systems

 Tarheel Monitoring provides a comprehensive enrollee GPS Electronic Monitoring system and various services for government agencies who supervise adults and juveniles in the community.

GPS Electronic Monitoring Device

"GPS Electronic Monitoring,
 An  Inexpensive Solution
 To Overcrowding."

BluTAG-Active ®  

BluTag® Active is a one-piece GPS Electronic Monitoring device housing its receiver and transmitter into a single unit. It monitors offenders using active GPS Electronic Monitoring technology, which generates immediate notifications containing near real-time data. This allows supervising agents to quickly take the appropriate action related to the notification.

Because BluTag® Active is a one-piece GPS Electronic monitoring device, it remains securely fastened to an offender’s ankle at all times. No other equipment is needed to effectively monitor an offender. 

Benefits and features

When offenders are electronically monitored with BluTag® Active, supervising agencies have access to real-time data 24/7. When offenders are monitored with BluTag®, they need not remember to carry any other equipment or component.  In 30 minutes or less BluTag® Active’s battery is fully charged — the shortest time in the industry. Offenders can recharge the battery by plugging into any standard AC outlet. Unlike multi-piece devices BluTag® Active is not prone to damage by dropping. It remains securely attached to an offender’s ankle at all times.

A supervising agency’s on-site inventory may be streamlined with only one electronic monitoring device, BluTag® Active. In the absence of offender violations, GPS Electronic Monitoring data transmits every 10 minutes. Supervising agents receive notification on tamper and zone violations with real-time data via fax, email, pager or text message. Supervising agents can “ping” the device assigned to a specific offender to determine his or her current location. This action is completed by logging into VeriTracks®. 

GPS Electronic Monitoring Device

When offenders are Electronically Monitored with Tarheel Monitoring Equipment, BluTag® Active supervising agents have access to near real-time
 data 24/7.  


  • Receives and records GPS latitude and longitude coordinates once a minute.
  • Every GPS coordinate set contains the following data: date and time stamp, the speed at which the offender traveled and the nearest street address as determined by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Receiver and transmitter are housed in a rugged, weatherproof, factory-sealed, plastic case. It is shock resistant, water and moisture proof and functions reliably under normal atmospheric and environmental conditions.
  • The small size makes the devise inconspicuous and easily covered by a pant leg.
  • Remote programming of multiple inclusion and exclusion zones.
  • Attaches to an offender's ankle with hypoallergenic fiber-optic strap that detects tampering.
  • Stores up to four days of electronic monitoring data.
  • FCC certified for use in any electronic monitoring mode.

The Only American Made GPS Electronic Monitoring Equipment On The market. 

BluTag's® battery is permanently sealed in the  case eliminating  the need for replacements. Remains  on the offenders's ankle at all times and transmits monitoring data via three different  schedules.

Modified algorithms and additional GPS points ensure superior offender tacking by BLUTAG® and our BLUTAG® stream lines an agency's inventory with this single piece device, few consumables and optional  accessory equipment. 


- Increases public safety because GPS   
   Electronic  Monitoring helps law enforcement solve 
   crimes faster.

- GPS Electronic Monitoring Automatically compares
   offender movements to the location and time of 
   reported crimes.  

- Integrated into VeriTracks, an Internet -based tracking 
Electronic Monitoring equipment
Electronic Monitoring equipment
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