Electronic Monitoring Of Offenders

Tarheel Monitoring specializes in assisting criminal justice administrations to cut costs while maintaining public safety. Today our justice systems face serious budget challenges and inmate overcrowding. Our GPS Electronic Monitoring solutions offer a valuable alternative to incarceration and are substantially less than the annual cost per inmate incarceration. Additionally, Tarheel Monitoring solutions help to create operational efficiency.

Our Electronic Monitoring programs offer an alternative to incarceration (ATI) programs for misdemeanor and non-violent felony offenders and help displace substantial incarceration time and law enforcement officers costs according to many reports and studies.  
Alcohol Monitoring offenders

Many studies show that alternatives to incarceration programs can help to reduce relapse and recidivism than jail sentence.  Our proven technology solutions and years of experience in the field offers the best monitoring, presence and location verification solutions to help ensure offenders comply with court orders.

Tarheel Monitoring can put together a comprehensive program that is cost effective, simple to operate and supports all  alternative to incarceration programs which in turn protects your community and it's citizens.

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 Stalker Alert

Victim Notification Device

Stalker Alert immediately notifies the local authorities identified by the supervising agency when the victims mobile exclusion zone is violated. The mobile zone is created by the supervising agent as a multi-stage exclusionary zone that moves with the victim.

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