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Tarheel Monitoring offers agencies and private operators Electronic Monitoring Solutions and software with the latest In Electronic Monitoring Integrated monitoring platforms.

Tarheel Monitoring offers agencies and private operators Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) and GPS Electronic Monitoring Solutions. Our programs and equipment options insure that you are always utilizing the most up to date software and hardware available. With the rapid advances in technology in this industry it’s not hard to fall behind. Tarheel Monitoring automatically and without any additional cost to our customers, provides all upgrades in both hardware and software. 

Tarheel Monitoring offers a full range of interchangeable electronic monitoring tools and software. This gives your organization the ability to select the system that works best for your needs. Our group of Electronic Monitoring Solutions allows you to integrate seamlessly, switching between monitoring devices as you need them.

Key features of Tarheel Monitorings' integrated GPS Electronic Monitoring platform include:

RF (Radio Frequency), GPS (Global Positioning System) and alcohol monitoring solutions.

Inmate tracking and officer safety tools

Enhanced case management and inventory control.

Single database, communications hub spot and software interface.

Single database, communications hub spot and software interface.

The best overall cost reduction and hardware, software and operational services available. 

Let Tarheel Monitoring help you find the best electronic monitoring technology available 
on the market today!

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